How to Keep Kids Busy on a Road Trip

entertaining kids on a road trip

Road trips are not known to be the most exciting thing in the world and when you have a car full (or van full in our case) of kids that can spell disaster. The best way to avert a meltdown and keep everyone relatively happy on your trip is to keep kids busy, busy, busy. We plan ahead so we can keep them occupied and make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

How to Use your Tax Refund to Simplify your Life

Simplify your life

re you getting a tax refund this year? I know there are a lot of ways you can simplify your life that don’t cost any money at all but if you had a bit of extra money to spend that sure opens up your options. We have some easy ideas for you, including a contract-free cell phone for the kids from Walmart Family Mobile.

Preschool Sensory Activity – Salt Writing

Salt Writing

This simple preschool sensory activity can be done using basic household supplies — just salt and a cookie sheet! I love doing sensory activities with my kids. Before my kids are old enough for structured crafts or more formal preschool activities, we start with sensory activities. Yes, they are messy, but kids get so much out of sensory activities, especially during the preschool years and they always have a blast.

Winning the Whining Battle


I think one great parenting myth we all create for ourselves and each other is the myth that says every child goes through a whining “phase”, and no matter what we say or do, it has to just run its course. Here are some realistic ways you can stop the whining.

The JFK Challenge App Brings History to Life

The JFK Challenge App

I’m always looking for fun ways to teach my kids. I’ve found a wealth of information for my younger kids but with my older kids it’s new territory so I’m constantly exploring and trying to find apps and activities that will stretch them. When I found out that the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum a free new app, The JFK Challenge, aimed at bringing history to life for kids ages 8-12 I was thrilled. The development of the app was made possible through a grant from Disney to the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. My kids love history so it’s always great when I can find something that helps them explore important concepts from history.